…but more than anything, she is a storyteller.

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Hi! I’m Joi Donaldson. I’m an author/writer, professional photographer and all-around creative. I, an obsessive Hamilton fanatic and curator of good vibes, has through transparency and humor learned how to make tough conversations fun. My podcast, My Depression's Got Jokes, my work creating the self-care lifestyle brand ReFeel & Co., the healing platform Soul Sis Tribe and my non-profit dedicated to shining light on the mental health disparities of teen girls of color Paper Storms is all in the life's work of a multi-hyphenated millennial. I’ve written for and contributed to XONecole and Richmond Magazine with my most personal work on my blog and Medium.


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Ranging from reiki work to healing sessions to youth empowerment to my podcast about mental health, pick your blessed oil.

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“In the few times that I have worked with Joi, she has never failed to turn out great results! She has always come through on what she has promised from beginning to end. Anyone who has the pleasure of working with Joi will be working with a class act!”

— Jay Thomas, Legacy Internet Radio Alum


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