On Allowing Myself to be Seen

“How can I, a real human person with mental ashiness, possibly help and affect others whilst looking like I beat the final boss flawlessly? Do I have to? Who told me I had to? How can I seek and save the broken while being broken myself? Somebody messed up the guest list. I don’t belong in this space. Someone will find out I’m a fraud soon. Because I can’t be both broken and healing.”

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Top Ten Items Every Successful Black Woman Photographer Needs.

Owning and operating a successful business is no easy feat. You will lose sleep, friends, respect for folk who just call it a “side hustle”. Every day you will ask yourself why. What’s the point? Who cares. Honestly, you do. And how you think of you is gold. Keep all of these things in mind the next time you pack your camera, girl.

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#TTSLDMV Weekend

New friendships would be forged, laughs had. Safe to say, .my expectations were met sevenfold. Every last queen fell through and blessed the mission and the cameras. It was the most beautiful experience. 

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