#TTSLDMV Weekend

I was terrified driving up from Richmond to DC. I had no idea what to expect or who I would meet. Would they understand the movement? Do I do it justice? I tend to do that: second guess my work which is a frustrating trait I'm actively work on. I walked in the space and immediately felt the energy. It's a dance studio - bodies project every emotion in the space I'm standing.  I took all of that in and proceeded to touch nearly every surface in the studio, speaking life, good vibes and affirmations. I proclaimed every soul who crossed the threshold would bring their own light, be exalted and feel affirmed. If they came in down, they would be lifted. New friendships would be forged, laughs had. Safe to say, .my expectations were met sevenfold. Every last queen fell through and blessed the mission and the cameras. It was the most beautiful experience. 

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