to my favorite author

The eighth offering from Joi Donaldson strips away all constraints and allows the reader to supply their own stories. From promptings to quotes and blank pages, To My Favorite Author entices who holds this book to no longer hold back but to go deeper.


full of myself

Place yourself in a smoky, incense-infused room with velvet walls and mic stands. People-watch the hipsters and naturalistas strut their way to the front row. Listen to the music. Watch for the flow of the spoken word. This is the inspiration behind my second book.


Things i want to say to my child without sounding like a dick

One mother's journey to have an adult conversation with her 4 1/2 year old child.


sober high

If you've ever felt that all you've ever known is not enough. That more lies stuck in deeper spaces. That the person in the mirror existing today is just getting started. This book is for you.



A multi muse collection on flipping over the tags and writing our own definitions.



Sometimes, the words just fall out of your mouth. And they just keep going; even though you wish to stop them. Perhaps the best things come through as ramblings. And it's up to the receiver to interpret the love.


to she: the rereleases

In 2009, I gathered old poems and notebooks and tore them to pieces. 
In 2012, those torn words became my first book.
In 2014, I reopen these same words with a different tone: Growth has happened. 
I've lived just a little more. I've given and gotten the love I missed out on in return; mainly from myself.
All and all, I'm thankful and I celebrate these words again.



Take a trip down the spine of Ojui Eros, the erotica alter ego of Joi Donaldson. Compiled are several erotic short stories and poems derived from a mind some thought to be too prude and inexperienced. 
The gift, my friends, knows no boundaries.