In July 2017, ReFeel & Co. launched as a lifestyle brand consisting of affirmation decks, subscription boxes and apparel dedicated to multilevel self-care. We call it Self Care on Demand: a toolbox that you can always reach into to take care of your needs. Check out our Cupcake & Caviar write-up duing our time in Femme Fatale DC.


The ReFeel Box is a specially curated box full of self-care reminders to take care of you. As someone who sometimes forgets my self-care routine when I’m having a rough day or an episode, I strive to create boxes filled with mainstays and new surprises each release. Things from the earth, things that feel good to the senses, tools to release what’s pent up inside. Each item has been curated to bring you back to your good place.

Goods include:
Sensory items
Inspirocktion & The Gratitude Factor by Deidra Johnson of Dandei Dreams
Incense and Palo Santo much more!


The ReFeel Deck coincides with the ReFeel Box. It's 30 cards worth of warm reminders and open intentions for every day. 


Sage Bae Tee

Be serious about that self-care, chile! Show how you get down with our Sage Bae tee

"I AM" Deck

The "I Am" Deck is full of 30 steady affirmations to make you laugh, smile and vibrate higher.