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Introducing Sacral Haus, my all-inclusive sexuality work housing workshops, seminars and training for those who've survived sexual trauma and those who love them. My work surrounds survivors of sexual abuse and assault. SH centers selfhood in relationships and emotional support, how to reclaim your body and sexual energy after emotional and/or physical abuse, how to talk to ourselves after a traumatic event and teachings on how to make room for difficult conversations. We live by the pledge of honoring ourselves first and foremost.

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y.o.s training

Do you know how to listen? Do you know what to do when someone you love is trying to communicate but their words are failing them? Do you know how to navigate tough subjects without getting attached? Can you relate without centering yourself?

It's a continuing learning curve and it can be hard. Oftentimes, we don’t know what we don’t know until after we’ve said or done the wrong thing. And, unfortunately, messing up and embarassing ourselves is how we learn. Let’s work together to share when and how to communicate during tough times.

Most often, people just want to be heard. Active listening is a crucial component to helping someone during a difficult time. Understanding there’s a difference between listening and helping.

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Sex coach joi

Life comes at you fast. Wild, right?
As someone who speaks very openly about my sexual traumas (molestation, partner assault, oral r*pe), one may wonder why I'd then decide to run head-first towards the thing that brought about the most harm.

I'm doing it scared. I'm doing it still questioning. Most of all, I'm doing it because how can you truly, fully heal w/o facing down the things that keep you up at night?

Sex has always fascinated me. Me: the former church girl who people thought gave birth through immaculate conception. People flat out refused to let me discuss my feelings on sex but would share their hoe stories with me (and I live for a good hoe tale). My fascination was always multilayered: from the literal mechanics to why bodies function and react the way they do to certain stimuli. Sex also carried a trauma-informed reaction. Nothing was pleasurable without fear of being hurt, violated or abandoned. Since my experiences and coming to terms with the word "survivor", I've been asking myself how do you recover after sexual trauma? How do you begin the process of reclaiming your body after it has been violated by no fault of your own? 

That's what I desire to work through and discover while embarking on this journey to certification. I’m consistently working towards gaining my sexology certification through the Dr. Rachael Institute. Soon will come calls for participants, intakes, story submissions and workshops. I know entering this field will heal myself, generations of my lineage and others. So with that... We just getting started.


Soul Sis Tribe Meetups

Since 2017, Soul Sis Tribe has sought to redefine the many facets of healing. From generational, environmental, religious and sexual, we have strived to unhook the conversations from quiet to disruptive.

YOS Vibes & Journahealing is our premier workshop that involves taking notes during an outpouring of activity, wisdom and energy. Here is where we gnash, laugh, cry and split ourselves open with the full knowledge that we are safe in the place. This is a no-judgment, open-minded time and space. We tolerate no harsh looks or sour words. We work with crystal healers, lightworkers and reiki healers to assist with dispatching negative emotions as well as offer practical tips to carry with you long after the session ends.

In this space, we come together regardless of affiliation, "who all gon be there", religious blockages, whether or not it's popular, etc and fulfill our healing intentions. It ain't about me, it's about the mission.

We also bring you Same & Incense, our flourishing Facebook community where it’s safe to go, “girl, same.”