Soul Sis Tribe

Healing is Disruptive


  • We kick back against the ideals of needing to be saved by the outside and going within to save ourselves.

  • We allow black women and women of color the runway to openly scream, give birth to deep-seeded turmoil and face their demons in a safe and understanding environment.

  • We don't leave each other hanging to fight battles alone. We bring the negative to the surface and provide the healing tools to conquer and keep conquering.

  • We fight against the colonialistic aspects of religion that often leave black women who don't adhere to certain standards broken and bruised.

  • We elect to lift up the magic of black women by ancestral and spiritual teachings.

  • We dance, transform, emit light, conjure, cajole, pull forward, embrace, connect and release.

We push against the stagnant ideals of black women healing. Healing ain't cute. It's ugly and painful. It's an active stance you never complete - once one thing heals, another will come to the surface requiring the same work. Yet I cannot stress enough how necessary it is. And a lot of us are walking wounds wearing generational, relational and societal pain as badges of honor. I know how scary it is to adopt a whole new identity devoid of victim and shame. At one point it was all I knew.

In this space, we come together regardless of affiliation, "who all gon be there", religious blockages, whether or not it's popular, etc and fulfill our healing intentions. It ain't about me, it's about the mission.

This is a no-judgment, open-minded time and space. Crystal workers and reiki healers will also be on hand to assist with dispatching negative emotions as well as offer information on their work.

We also bring you Same & Incense, a monthly meetup for those who need to get away for a couple hours to eat, emote and release.