The Joi Element

Adding The Joi Element to your project brings flairs of creativity. A serial brainstormer, Joi Donaldson is steady concocting new ideas and innovations.




An author of 9 books and counting, Joi Donaldson speaks best through poetry and humor. 



If you've ever dreaded reading over a paragraph or piecing together a resume, let Joi help! Joi is a self-professed word nerd who loves diving into and creating bios, resumes, copy, - anything that involves written word.



From a shaky voice at Verses to The Project Band to Resilience: A Celebration & Evolution of Black Culture inWashington, DC, (Bring Me Back My Changeto Manifest Your Purpose Expo in Richmond, VA, (Answering the Nos), Joi Donaldson continues to be your favorite poet and speaker.

creative consulting

Sometimes you need someone to help you air our your thoughts. Working exclusively with creative entrepreneurs: writers, artists, photographers, allow Joi to help you reap the benefits of your brainstorm.