7 Questions for NaQuetta Mitchell


Give it up for the queens with Qs in their names. We can never seem to hear our names right, and when I first met NaQuetta, I made a point to pronounce her name properly and let her know, “sis, same.”

As the Owner of Higher Than This, NaQuetta is a Relationship and Transformation Coach who hopes to inspire and encourage women to express their authentic selves to attract what they most want in life. With years of personal experience, NaQuetta understands the ups and downs of dating. Her ability to reflect and learn from her own experience, coupled with her expert coaching skills, makes her uniquely qualified to help women attract the life partner they deserve and How To Successfully Thrive in that Relationship. She believes each of us has a soulmate out there and the more we understand ourselves the better we transmit great energy to attract who is perfect for us. NaQuetta Is Also A Symbis Certified Pre-Marital Coach and Facilitator. NaQuetta Believes No Relationship or Marriage is Beyond Hope as long as Grace and Acceptance are a part of the Healing.

1. Define Gamechanger. 

A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH... A Person Who Effortlessly and Effectively Switches Up The Format of How Things have been done. 

2. What song should play once you enter a room and what should play when you leave? 

When I Enter: Slay By YG ft. Quavo. When I Exit: Everybody Mad by O.T. Genasis 

3. What does your favorite place smell like? 

Love, Peace, Acceptance, and My Granny's Carrot Cake (My Favorite Place is my Grandparents Home in Roanoke, Va.) 

4. How do you define endurance? 
The Ability To Turn Devastation into Determination 

5. Oprah has just wired the check. She’s told her followers to be on the lookout for you. What’s your next move? 
I Would Create and Publish My Series of Self-Help Books Named "She Did That" for Women of Color. Ie. Life After Divorce, Dating In Your 30's, Maintaining Your Peace, Goal DIGGING , etc. 

6. Spell motherhood using each letter of your daughters’ first names. 
A- Accepting M- Motivating I- Influential N- Nurturing A- Advisor 
A-Advocate R- Responsible I- Investor A- Aware N- Negotiator N- Nosy A- Amiable 

7. What do you have in the works that the world should know about? 
On March 16th, I will FINALLY be Hosting and Facilitating my first Conference/Group Session for Women Titled "Sis, You Got This" which is going to give women the necessary tools needed to endure every season she has to journey through. I am also working on my book of affirmations, and my motivational products and keepsakes. I’m also working Diligently on squeezing in a nap sometime soon. #WhewChile 

NaQuetta is The Founder of Women Of Endurance, a Nonprofit organization created to Inspire, Encourage, and Assist Women.

Find + follow NaQuetta on all her socials below:

IG: @HigherThanThis + @WomenOfEnduranceVA

Email is naquetta@naquettaspeaks.com

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