Will someone do poetry with me?
Break themselves over sharp pages 
Bracing themselves for quiet stages
With me
Feel your heartbeat through pens and sheets laid flat on my back to touch frequencies
Will he go down on me?
With me?
Leave me sweaty, light and heavy enough to P-Pop on a handstand of plans to take back control of this land
Kill the ideologies of that one damn Man
With the most grandiose of slams even Serena can't stand
Will somebody do poetry with me!
I want to feel weightless 
Now face this
Being cornered with false thoughts and cruels drops as the world flies by 
Being your own mind's concubine 
Slave to the matters a brain can splatter across the screen of the mind's eye
It ain't gotta make sense
Anxiety proves it
That my sensitive ass
Chronically overthinking ass
Yet seemingly always poignant ass
Needs to do some poetry
Will somebody please do poetry with me
Because it's knocking me over in waves, you see...


I'll buy the Def Poetry set and commit every word to memory
So I'll never utter another word aimlessly
When I'm famous with all the pageantry
Then you'll want to do poetry with me