Masterpost of things I've done, created and sites where I've been featured *frequent updates*

Where I ask for lunch money and funds to help catapult my handiwork:

Where you can find my work outside of my trunk:

Where I stepped clear out of my comfort zone, mic pops and all:

Where TTSLRVA went global (or national. I dream big.):

Where #TTSLRVA met the Queenhood:

My first freelance article for Richmond Magazine

Where my dope friends thought I was cool enough to be featured:

Where my natural hair made a statement:

Where I was interviewed about Safe Spaces and the Healing Properties of Writing: “Women of Wednesday: Joi Donaldson on Safe Spaces and the Healing Properties of Writing” @RantingOwl

When I woke up crying and where we made a statement:

Where a VCU student reached out and wrote about it:

Where tensions ran high and truth was spoken:

Where I was asked to give my personal narrative about first meeting racism:

Sober High - Meet the Illustrator

The "Talkin My Shit" Written Mixtape

The "Talkin My Shit" Written Mixtape