4 of Life's FAQs Answered

Will it get better? It will. Then it could get worse. Then you’ll feel immense sadness, grief and pain. Then you learn how to navigate the waves. You fall. You scrape knees. You bandage. You come back with a new way of walking. Then you look up and life looks vastly different. And different is better.

Is cheesecake garbage? Yah. So is pie. Unless it’s chocolate. Thank you for coming to my TEDTalk.

“Did we ever find out what happened next time on Dragonball Z? Does that same energy carry for late 90s - early aughts videos that ended with “to be continued?” This is a conundrum that will never be solved regardless of how DeLoreon the time machine. I wish I knew what was happening in the minds of the producers. Your guess is as good as mine.

I feel like I wasted my last question on that one? Does that count? Nope. Rules are wack.


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