7 Questions for Kai + Liv


You know those special people whose kindness + magic precede them? These two fit that bill immaculately. Kai, a warm Gemini with a heart for healing, did one of my very first readings and was the first I felt comfortable sharing my own gifts. We finally met in real-life in April 2018 after cultivating an online friendship since 2016. My cousin Dei and I traveled to spend the day with them in DC derping around and eating well. There we met Liv, a fellow Virgo and undeniably sweet force of good nature. They both are magnetic magic, making up two halves of a nurturing whole.

Kai Luna is chameleon of sorts. An astrological powerhouse of mutable, adaptable, free flowing energy. On the outside Kai is calm, collected, and the master of Resting Bitch Face. On the inside, Kai’s a free-spirited faery dancing naked by the light of the bonfire. Freedom + flight fuel Kai, believing to be a modern day Peter Pan, because who says you have to get older?

Liv is a mad scientist, an explorer, and researcher! A corny joke teller, an ‘I think I’ll stop procrastinating and just do it’ doer. A plant-based chef that will ask you if you are hungry before asking how you are doing. But above that, Liv is a spirit flowing and falling in love with the path the universe and her agreed on many moons ago.

Join me as I chat with one of my fave examples of acceptance + love.

1. Give me a word for each letter of your first name.

K: Karma-Astrologer-Infinite

L: Lively- Intriguing - Vibrant

2. What does your partner’s heart sound like?

K: Like being serenaded by Syd + Solange on a grassy hill at Sunset, in 65 degree weather.

L: A wonderland of vegan cinnamon buns and a warm sunny day with tea and a cool breeze.

3. How do you decompress alone and with each other?

K: Alone; I kick it with my breath work and the Chill Vibes playlist on Apple Music. Baths are also a go-to. Together; We love to laugh and be cozy together. Bob’s Burgers and blankets. Blankets hold a special meaning in our union.

L: Alone; Dancing and grinding on the air. I like to give myself a show! Or I’ll cook a meal (that is meditation for me). Together; We lay together and watch funnies until we are either crying or can’t breathe. Laughter brings us back to the present when we have moments of drifting off.

4. What genre of art would you be and why?

K: Contemporary Art. More specifically, expressed through the Artist Richard Armendariz. I feel I have the ability to translate our World into many different languages, similar to Contemporary Art. What some may see as a popular TV show, I see as reflections of Astrological alchemy. Where some see a child acting out, I see a stunted root and sacral chakra. Same views, just different interpretations. All relevant to current happenings in society.

L: Abstract and Modern. A combination of wild colorful Squiggly lines that are drawn over big flowers that are in full bloom. I am an organized ‘mesh’ of dainty feminine energy (Modern) and a loud flamboyant fire (Abstract). My Virgo sings softly as the flowers of Earth and divine feminine energy and my Leo roars passion, unruly, untamed as the colorful squiggly lines. (I definitely described how I would want to see me as an genre of art! Might have to create this for my own visuals!)

5. What are some common misconceptions about partnerships you’d like to debunk?

K: Relationships don’t have to begin as soon as you feel the spark between you and your significant other (The UHaul lesbian myth). That’s something I learned with Liv. Well I’d say, the partnering doesn’t have to immediately begin. I knew I wanted to be with Liv not long after we met, but that wasn’t the plan for us, and I’m SUPER thankful. We took time and allowed our friendship to blossom before shifting into a union. She became my best friend first, and we rocked with that for two years before coming together.

L: Gender Roles! We stick certain tasks and ways of living to each gender in heterosexual relationships, so when you are in a same-sex relationship, like what the fück, that doesn’t work! It shouldn’t be that way in any relationship, honestly. When you don’t give yourself the room to explore with an open mind, you are limiting your experiences. When you say “only the woman/man should do this or that”, then we close ourselves off to learning and create a dependency on someone else because that’s how we are programmed/taught in society.

6. What thoughts, beliefs, words are you throwing into the fire to be purified?

K: co-dependence, “I’m not interesting enough”, NOW, passive aggressive manipulation

L: “Making mistakes are bad, this has to be your financial status, ‘I think you’ll be good at this’-from other people’s perspective, that I cannot read and learn about other religions and spiritual practices (only Christianity is to be learned here!)”

7. What are you each working on that the world should know about?

K: This year, I’m opening myself to booking a Modeling contract, and expanding into new areas of Energy Healing. Two different spectrums but I’m a versatile soul. I want people to know that I’m out here creating MANY lanes to flow within effortlessly. Creating freedom where I previously saw NONE is the key to my happiness this Year. I hope to inspire others to do the same.

L: The journey starts somewhere and I want my projects to be reflections of who I am: an entrepreneur who is being and doing the best she can. Currently, I am putting love into cultivating my natural body care products (body butter, tinctures, tea blends) as well as my vegan/plant-based personal chef service and catering. This year I want to show people that just a simple shift in whatever they do can be beneficial.

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Liv’s IG: @thepeacefulolive

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