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I’ve always been a healer.

It has taken me going through the journeys of trauma and tragedy to truly see my gifts. I am a Reiki II certified practitioner with a special focus on individuals who are journeying through difficult emotions - be it heartache, depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. My communal energy with my guides and ancestors allow me to do this work with pure intent and understanding that Reiki, along with the purest energy of all, is love.

“Joi, I want to thank you. I was very nervous but knew that I wanted to try reiki. And I experienced the tingling, cooling and warming, and thirst you mentioned. But I also woke up this morning with a peace and calm that I didn’t have yesterday morning. I feel like I have clarity in areas where I need it most. And I confirmed things that I wasn’t sure about. Thank you for that.”
— — Timara Nichols

”It’s more to Reiki than you think - it has helped me broaden my perspective on what’s possible. Reiki has helped me to open up to who I really am and find a deeper depth within myself. I recommend experiencing a Reiki session with Joi”
— — Derek Light
“Last night I was able to have my first Reiki season done, completed by Joi and man let me tell u. I rate her services 100%. She was very knowledgeable. I was nervous but she made me feel 100% comfortable. I recommend her to anyone interested in Reiki and I’m looking forward to my next session. Not to mention she has dope uncensored affirmation decks and oils. Woke up this morning feeling like super amazing.”
— — Renee Saunders